Friday, 28 December 2012

A few of my past and most prized crochet creations.
LTR: Kero, Little Red Riding Hood, Luffy, Link
Sadly I did these all on the spot and am terrible at remaking things.
Hopefully in the future I am able to recreate them all, especially the Link, how I did his hair is beyond me...
I also love how the display I made came out, the lace shelf is my favourite detail <3
I honestly haven't knitted in well over a year and have never made anything other than scarfs.
This came about after I was inspired by someone on instagram
(btw if you have a crafty instagram let me know, I would love to follow)
It didn't turn out anywhere near as cute as the one I saw and I think having a small needle was certainly a factor, I also don't think my colour choices were very good but all in all I am pleased as it's my first time.
I did a simple knit for the case and purl for the bow with pink striped ribbon for the center. I wanted to make it as practical as possible so added two pockets inside, the fatter one fitting a card and the smaller one fitting a usb or rubber.
I would love to hear any advise on how I could improve and what colours you would have chosen ^^
Although Christmas is over this is still a completely customisable pattern.
Easy using only the very basics crochet and also show you how to change colour without being noticable
Use any colour, ribbon, decoration, the options are endless :)
Happy Crafting~

Who doesn't love doilies?
With these mini ones you can easily display your mini cakes, charms and even use them as embellishments on clothes.
I'd love to know what you would display on these :)
Happy Crafting~
Very simple and oh so cute mini ramen~
You'll need to know basic crochet and have some handy dandy scissors~
Remember to send in photos if you make it ^^
Happy crafting

This is a very easy felt project with a very cute end result.
Click on link for tutorial~
Best thing about it is that it's completely customisable from scary to cute :D
Do send in photos if you decide to make it~

Pattern Template:
Happy Crafting ^^


This is a charm inspired plush made from felt.  
Click the video to watch the tutorial ^^
Please do not take any of my templates and claim them as your own, I would also love to see any photos if you decide to make it~

Pattern template:
 Happy crafting~
Hello and Welcome to my blog, I look forward to the upkeep of this blog and hopefully am able to help other people along the way as well and showcasing my own projects along the way.

Have a nice day ^^