Friday, 24 April 2015

Since the beginning of my crochet journey I haven't been able to find a technique to make a block object with defined edges and/or having to stitch multiple sides together afterwards. I've tried asking around and searching the internet with no answers sadly.

So I set it upon myself to find a way. I have to say firstly that by no means have I found the perfect method but I definitely like it more than any method I've found so far.

I started by making my basic square starting with:

R1: 4SC magic circle
R2: (SC, 2CH, SC) into same SC x 4
R3: (1SC, (SC, 2CH, SC) into 2CH gap, 1SC)x4

From there I use the equation (*N, 1SC, (SC, 2CH, SC) into 2CH gap, 1SC, *N)x4

SC: single crochet
CH: chain
*N starts at 1SC, and goes up by an increment of 1SC for each row. Using this equation you can make a square as large as you'd like. 

This is where I start my trial and error. I know that in order to achieve the defined edge you need to start doing SCs in the back loop; but using this method I always get a jog where the back loop SCs started.
The same job would occur when I started back looped for the bottom.
It is very unsightly for me even though I'm sure some people won't mind as it can only be seen on one side. The other three sides look perfect.

From there I tried a method without using the back loops as I knew it wouldn't leave the horrible jog and it turned out okay, I just prefer a definable edge whereas these were soft.
From a photo its really hard to tell this even has shape but in person it is more obvious it's a block.
This method would be good for those who like softer edges, its all about preference. This is also the easiest method to do.

The last method was the one I was most satisfied with as it had the defined edges of the first block without the jogs which also resulted in it being the only one that didn't rock on a flat surface. This is also the most time consuming method.
To achieve this I finished off and cut my square when I got to the desired size. I then started to SC in the back loop where I would normally start for the first row. When reaching the desired height I would do the same; finish off and cut, starting again in the back loop for the first row. Note that the bottom looks a little concave because I didn't stuff it well.

I am quite impatient when it comes to cutting and starting again so would love to learn a method that doesn't involve this. I welcome any advice or methods that can help.

I didn't show a complete pattern as this wasn't a tutorial but more an entry showing my trial and errors as it's not perfect. 

Hope you are all having a fantastic day.
Happy Crafting,

Monday, 28 October 2013

Just in time before Halloween make these cute and completely simple witch brooms.

- Yarn in dark brown and a colour suitable for the broom bristle (I use 8ply)
- Crochet hook (I use 3mm)
- Scissors
- Glue

Making the stick
Using your dark brown
R1: 5SC Magic circle
R2-19: EVEN (5)
ST and finish off

Using your bristle coloured yarn cut about 30-40 (maybe more or less depending on the effect you want) 9cm strips. They don't need to be completely accurate as you will be trimming so parts down when you shape it.

Grab your stick and arrange the bristle strips as evenly as you can around the end of the stick (where you ST) towards the toplike shown in the photo below.

Secure the bristles onto the stick by tying some yarn around, make sure it's tightly secure. Now lift all the bristle strips upwards and tie it down with the dark brown yarn as well as wrapping it to look like the image.

You will notice there is still a big hole in the middle of all the bristles, this is where the glue comes in. Squeeze some glue into the middle of the bristles and squish it together. You can stop here but to make it more of a cone shape trim some of the outer strips.

If you crocheted the stick tight enough you should be able to mold it to look like the completed product to make it look like a witch will sit and ride on it.

The broom is now complete. I hope that without a video this is still understandable, don't hesitate to ask me if you don't understand anything.

Happy Crafting :)


Sunday, 20 October 2013

Halloween is almost here and I have for you guys another amigurumi tutorial.
It's very simple but also very cute and very customisable :)

Video Tutorial:

- Yarn in your choice of cauldron colour (I use 8ply)
- Crochet hook (I used 3mm and 3.5mm)
- Stuffing
- Wire (I used a bobby pin and head pin)
- Jewellery pliers
- Your choice of decorations

Using your choice of cauldron yarn:
R1: 6SC Magic circle
R2: INCx6 (12)
R3: (INC, 1)x6 (18)
R4: (INC, 2)x6 (24)
R5: (2, INC, 1)x6 (30)
R6: (INC, 4)x6 (36)
R7: (INC, 5)x6 (42)
R8-12: EVEN (42)
R13: (5, DEC)x6 (36)
R14: (4, DEC)x6 (30)
R15: (1, DEC, 2)x6 (24)
R16-17: EVEN (24)
R18: (2, INC, 1)x6 (30)
R19: (8, DEC)x3 (27)
ST finish off

Curl the opening of the cauldron down to make the top boarder.
Stuff the cauldron but don't make it too neat, you want some of it to be sticking out to give it an over boiling effect.
Using ur jewellery pliers bend your wire into a sort of horseshoe shape and thread it through the top boarder of the cauldron.
You're now free to decorate your cauldron with any type of 'ingredients' as you'd like.
I personally used some googly eyes, snake eyes, salmon yarn for fake worms and polymer clay cane slices.
Be creative and have fun.
If you end up making one feel free to head on over to my Facebook page and show me a photo.

Happy Crafting ^^

Thursday, 10 October 2013

 As a few of my subscribers may have noticed I have been working on my Adventure Time crochet update for a very long time. It would've been done much sooner if I wasn't so lazy. I'm also sad that I couldn't get a Marceline done because I couldn't find yarn matching her skin tone. Although I'm also wrong with a lot of the colours in a few of the characters I couldn't find any yarn close to Marceline's skin colour.

 Video for thorough look at them all:

Lady Rainicorn:
I had fun making lady rainicorn even though my colours aren't 100% accurate.
The hardest part about this was deciding how I was going to do the hair, in the end I went with fleece although it's coming apart a bit.
I knew that crocheting the horn wouldn't of looked so nice so I used modelling clay and put a headpin through it that way if I ever what to change it I can easily remove it

 This was a surprisingly easy ami to make~! 
I thought I was going to have problems with positioning the lumps and I was sort of right but as you can tell from the photo it's not noticable.
Really happy with how she turned out and I wasn't left in a stressful mess after finishing her like most of my amis.

This fella sits around 7cms tall so not very big.
I had a bit of trouble with the little details especially the BMO and as you can see the M isn't really recognisable but I still think it's cute non the less.
The back is really deformed and ugly but hey, no ones gonna see anything but the front.
I also couldn't find an exact match to BMO's body colour so went with a turquoise that leaned more on the green side.

Princess Bubblegum:
This was the first ami I made fore my Adventure Time series and as you can tell it looks the least like the actual character which is a bit sad but oh well.
I had problems figuring how to do her jewel and ended up colouring a black dot eye with nail polish. The crown is just very disproportionate but her hair isn't the same length on both sides which I don't have a clue how that could be looking at my pattern so the OCD in me has my eye twitching.
There's more I could critique about this but I'll leave it at that before this turns to an essay @.@

I feel like I did a good job with Jake and very happy that he can stand on his own~
Originally he had a more toyish plain black eye but decided to swap them for the proper eyes and like it a lot better that way
The only thing I think I would try to improve it I were to make him again are the ears.

I'm not particularly happy with how my Finn turned out, specifically his ears.
I'm not exactly sure how I can make his nubby ears without having it concave in where the ear meets the head.
I also couldn't find the right blues for his clothes but I don't think it's too obvious.
The facial expression is also a wee bit creepy but I sort of like that aspect of it.

It's like a weight off my shoulder to finally get this done so I can move onto my next series set which I'm letting people on my Facebook page vote on.

Happy Crafting~
Kim <3

Thursday, 3 October 2013

In preparation for Halloween I decided to make a tutorial on a candy corn amigurumi. I've never actually seen a candy corn in real life and I think this is pretty normal for Australians as a lot of us don't celebrate Halloween, but I've definitely seen my fair share on American shows and other things.

- Yarn in yellow, orange and white (I use 8ply)
- Crochet hook no larger than 4mm (I use 3mm)
- Stuffing (I use hobbyfill)
- Scissors
- Stitch marker (optional

Video Tutorial:

Starting with the yellow yarn you want to CH 16
Now from the second ch to the hook SC15
In the same CH we just SC make an increase
We then SC13 and INC to give us 32 stitches
All of that will be regarded as R1.
R2: (15, INC)x2 (34)
R3: (15, INC, INC)x2 (38)
R4-5: EVEN (38)
R6: 16, DEC, 17, DEC, 1 (36)
R7: (16, DEC)x2 (34)
R8: change to orange yarn - EVEN (34)
R9: (15, DEC)x2 (32)
R10-12: EVEN (32)
R13: (14, DEC)x2 (30)
R14: EVEN (30)
R15: (DEC, 13)x2 (28)
R16: (12, DEC)x2 (26)
R17: (DEC, 11)x2 (24)
R18: (6, DEC)x3 (21)
R19: change to white yarn - EVEN (21)
R20: (5, DEC)x3 (18)
R21: (DEC, 4)x3 (15)
R22: (DEC, 3)x3 (12)
R23: (2, DEC)x3 (9)
R24: (1, DEC)x3 st and finish off (6)
Close the hole neatly by threading the tail through the outer stitches and pull tight.
Note: you can change colour anywhere you'd like during the pattern (if you don't want as much orange as mine), but the instructions are to create the same on as the photo indicated

I would like to point out that I made this pattern on the spot of making the tutorial so it isn't a perfect shape but hope you guys still like it.

If you make this I would love to see a photo which you can send to any of my social medias :)

Happy crafting,
Kim <3

Saturday, 21 September 2013

This is a very simple tutorial perfect for the absolute beginner and absolutely adorable.

Materials needed:
- Yarn in your choice of belly and body colour (8ply prefered)
- Crochet hook no larger than 4.00mm (I used 3.00mm)
- 6mm safety eyes 
- Needle and Thread
- Stuffing
- Scissors 

Video Tutorial:

Start with belly colour
R1: 6SC Magic circle
R2: (INC)x6 (12)
R3: (INC, 1)x6 (18)
R4: (INC, 2)x6 (24)
R5: (2, INC, 1)x6 (30)
change to body colour
R6-9: EVEN (30)
R10: (1, DEC, 2)x6 (24)
R11: 3, DEC, 6, DEC, 6, DEC, 3 (21)
R12: 2, DEC, 3, DEC, 3, DEC, 3, DEC, 2 (17)
R13: DEC, 1, DEC, 2, DEC, 1, DEC, 2, DEC, 1 (12)
Insert eyes and stuff at this stage
R14: (DEC)x6 (6)
ST finish off and thread tail through outter stitch and pull tight

Arms: make two
R1: 4SC Magic circle
R2: (INC)x4 (8)
R3: EVEN (8)
ST finish off

Tail: make two
R1: 4SC Magic circle
R2: (INC)x4 (8)
R3-4: EVEN (8)
ST finish off

Stitch on the arms onto the sides of the body and the two tail pieces together at the butt of the body.
Optional you could also make it look like the whale is spouting water by gluing some stuffing onto a headpin and putting it into the whale's blowhole.
And you are done~

Happy crafting~
Kim ^^

Thursday, 12 September 2013

I'm always hesitant with amigurumi tutorials but here we go with a very basic and easy Ice-cream in a waffle cone tutorial.

Materials needed:
- Yarn in Tan and you choice of Ice-cream colour (8ply prefered)
- Crochet hook no larger than 4.00mm (I used 3.00mm)
- Needle and Thread
- Stuffing
- Scissors
- Pins
- Small red pompom+head pin (optional for cherry)

Video tutorial:


Waffle Cone:
R1: 3SC Magic Circle
R2: (INC)x3 (6)
R3: (INC, SC)x3 (9)
R4: (2SC, INC)x3 (12)
R5: EVEN (12)
R6: (INC, 3SC)x3 (15)
R7: EVEN (15)
R8: (INC, 4SC)x3 (18)
R9: EVEN (18)
ST and finish off

R1: 6SC Magic Circle
R2: (INC)x6 (12)
R3: (INC, SC)x6 (18)
R4: (INC, 2SC)x6 (24)
R5: EVEN (24)
R6: (2SC, DEC)x6 (18)
R7: EVEN (18)
R8: (ST, 2DC in same ST)x9 (18)
ST and finish off

Make as many ice-creams as you want the more stacked the more amazing ^^

Stuff everything well, pin them together and sew away.

For the cherry, your headpin should be able to easily pierce through the pompom and you can either stitch it onto the top of the ice-cream or glue it on.

You have now completed the amigurumi~

Happy hooking everyone ^^
Kim <3