Monday, 28 October 2013

Just in time before Halloween make these cute and completely simple witch brooms.

- Yarn in dark brown and a colour suitable for the broom bristle (I use 8ply)
- Crochet hook (I use 3mm)
- Scissors
- Glue

Making the stick
Using your dark brown
R1: 5SC Magic circle
R2-19: EVEN (5)
ST and finish off

Using your bristle coloured yarn cut about 30-40 (maybe more or less depending on the effect you want) 9cm strips. They don't need to be completely accurate as you will be trimming so parts down when you shape it.

Grab your stick and arrange the bristle strips as evenly as you can around the end of the stick (where you ST) towards the toplike shown in the photo below.

Secure the bristles onto the stick by tying some yarn around, make sure it's tightly secure. Now lift all the bristle strips upwards and tie it down with the dark brown yarn as well as wrapping it to look like the image.

You will notice there is still a big hole in the middle of all the bristles, this is where the glue comes in. Squeeze some glue into the middle of the bristles and squish it together. You can stop here but to make it more of a cone shape trim some of the outer strips.

If you crocheted the stick tight enough you should be able to mold it to look like the completed product to make it look like a witch will sit and ride on it.

The broom is now complete. I hope that without a video this is still understandable, don't hesitate to ask me if you don't understand anything.

Happy Crafting :)



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