Thursday, 15 August 2013

I'll be showing you how to make a cream puff out of felt in the video provided.
It's a very simple, fun and relatively quick project you can make. 
It's very customisable as you can choose and different toppings of your choice whether it be strawberry sauce or maybe even fruit or no toppings at all, it's all up to you ^^

What you need will be:
- Scissors,
- Some form of fake chocolate sauce: I used Daiso's glass paint (optional)
- Paint brush
- Needle and Thread (white)
- Dotting tool (can use anything to dot the paint on with)
- White paint
- Tan and white felt
- Pen and pencil for tracing
- Pastels for shading
- Any circular object
- Stuffing: I used hobbyfill

Happy Crafting~!
Kim <3

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