Thursday, 10 October 2013

 As a few of my subscribers may have noticed I have been working on my Adventure Time crochet update for a very long time. It would've been done much sooner if I wasn't so lazy. I'm also sad that I couldn't get a Marceline done because I couldn't find yarn matching her skin tone. Although I'm also wrong with a lot of the colours in a few of the characters I couldn't find any yarn close to Marceline's skin colour.

 Video for thorough look at them all:

Lady Rainicorn:
I had fun making lady rainicorn even though my colours aren't 100% accurate.
The hardest part about this was deciding how I was going to do the hair, in the end I went with fleece although it's coming apart a bit.
I knew that crocheting the horn wouldn't of looked so nice so I used modelling clay and put a headpin through it that way if I ever what to change it I can easily remove it

 This was a surprisingly easy ami to make~! 
I thought I was going to have problems with positioning the lumps and I was sort of right but as you can tell from the photo it's not noticable.
Really happy with how she turned out and I wasn't left in a stressful mess after finishing her like most of my amis.

This fella sits around 7cms tall so not very big.
I had a bit of trouble with the little details especially the BMO and as you can see the M isn't really recognisable but I still think it's cute non the less.
The back is really deformed and ugly but hey, no ones gonna see anything but the front.
I also couldn't find an exact match to BMO's body colour so went with a turquoise that leaned more on the green side.

Princess Bubblegum:
This was the first ami I made fore my Adventure Time series and as you can tell it looks the least like the actual character which is a bit sad but oh well.
I had problems figuring how to do her jewel and ended up colouring a black dot eye with nail polish. The crown is just very disproportionate but her hair isn't the same length on both sides which I don't have a clue how that could be looking at my pattern so the OCD in me has my eye twitching.
There's more I could critique about this but I'll leave it at that before this turns to an essay @.@

I feel like I did a good job with Jake and very happy that he can stand on his own~
Originally he had a more toyish plain black eye but decided to swap them for the proper eyes and like it a lot better that way
The only thing I think I would try to improve it I were to make him again are the ears.

I'm not particularly happy with how my Finn turned out, specifically his ears.
I'm not exactly sure how I can make his nubby ears without having it concave in where the ear meets the head.
I also couldn't find the right blues for his clothes but I don't think it's too obvious.
The facial expression is also a wee bit creepy but I sort of like that aspect of it.

It's like a weight off my shoulder to finally get this done so I can move onto my next series set which I'm letting people on my Facebook page vote on.

Happy Crafting~
Kim <3

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  1. These are amazing, could you by any chance tell me the crochet pattern for Lady Raincorn please? Thanks so much