Thursday, 3 October 2013

In preparation for Halloween I decided to make a tutorial on a candy corn amigurumi. I've never actually seen a candy corn in real life and I think this is pretty normal for Australians as a lot of us don't celebrate Halloween, but I've definitely seen my fair share on American shows and other things.

- Yarn in yellow, orange and white (I use 8ply)
- Crochet hook no larger than 4mm (I use 3mm)
- Stuffing (I use hobbyfill)
- Scissors
- Stitch marker (optional

Video Tutorial:

Starting with the yellow yarn you want to CH 16
Now from the second ch to the hook SC15
In the same CH we just SC make an increase
We then SC13 and INC to give us 32 stitches
All of that will be regarded as R1.
R2: (15, INC)x2 (34)
R3: (15, INC, INC)x2 (38)
R4-5: EVEN (38)
R6: 16, DEC, 17, DEC, 1 (36)
R7: (16, DEC)x2 (34)
R8: change to orange yarn - EVEN (34)
R9: (15, DEC)x2 (32)
R10-12: EVEN (32)
R13: (14, DEC)x2 (30)
R14: EVEN (30)
R15: (DEC, 13)x2 (28)
R16: (12, DEC)x2 (26)
R17: (DEC, 11)x2 (24)
R18: (6, DEC)x3 (21)
R19: change to white yarn - EVEN (21)
R20: (5, DEC)x3 (18)
R21: (DEC, 4)x3 (15)
R22: (DEC, 3)x3 (12)
R23: (2, DEC)x3 (9)
R24: (1, DEC)x3 st and finish off (6)
Close the hole neatly by threading the tail through the outer stitches and pull tight.
Note: you can change colour anywhere you'd like during the pattern (if you don't want as much orange as mine), but the instructions are to create the same on as the photo indicated

I would like to point out that I made this pattern on the spot of making the tutorial so it isn't a perfect shape but hope you guys still like it.

If you make this I would love to see a photo which you can send to any of my social medias :)

Happy crafting,
Kim <3


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