My name is Kim D Tran, I am the youngest of three siblings and I am of Vietnamese nationality born and raised in Australia. Since coming into high school life hasn't been very smooth for me with lots of family and financial problems but somehow I'm still managing to pull through. With this rocky road I still don't know what life has in store for me. I've never been popular or fitted in anywhere but I'm happy with my small circle of friends. 

I picked up crochet at around June/July of 2011 as I wanted a new hobby and saw all these cute amigurumis on the web. After 2 weeks in I was addicted and thanks to the internet I was able to learn quickly and had a large amount of free and easy patterns to work with. I also wanted to try making my own amigurumis even though I only knew the basics and before I knew it I have been conjuring all sorts of different patterns over the years. 

I had no intentions of venturing into the world of YouTube because all the crafters I knew only dealt with clay until one day someone had a plushy contest. This got me excited but I was also worried about uploading a video, in the end I went for it. As a result my channel has been quietly growing over the years and I feel like I've met people with similar interests to me for the first time. Even though I'm still a bit anti-social I'm very happy to be able to met all these people on the YouTube crafting community. 

Currently one of my dream jobs is to open my own cute, bright and pastely boutique that will sell my own clothes and toys with a little cafe in the corner as I'm a crazy coffee addict as well.


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